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  • n. Plural form of heterotroph.


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  • The fauna are heterotrophs, meaning that they eat dead organisms and use oxygen for cellular respiration.

    Freshwater biomes

  • More autotroph biomass is just going to provide more organic material for heterotrophs.

    Matthew Yglesias » Fred Hiatt Won’t Correct Dishonest Climate Change Columns, Will Lecture Congress on How to Handle Climate Change

  • Assuming a prokaryotic mutation rate of 4 × 10 − 7 mutations per gene per DNA replication (86, 87), four simultaneous mutations in every gene shared by the populations of marine heterotrophs (in the upper 200 m), marine autotrophs, soil prokaryotes, or prokaryotes in domestic animals would be expected to occur once every 0.4, 0.5, 3.4, or 170 hr, respectively.

    Behe's Two-Binding-Sites Rule

  • Many estuaries exhibit a negative net ecosystem production (-10 Tmol C yr-1) and are net heterotrophs.

    Coastal zone

  • Autotrophs that make their own food are known as producers, while heterotrophs that eat other organisms, living or dead, are known as consumers.

    AP Environmental Science Chapter 5- The Biosphere

  • Autotrophs (Greek for “self feeders”) such as green plants produce their own food via photosynthesis, while heterotrophs (Greek for “other feeders”) get their food by consuming other organisms.

    Fundamental principles of energy

  • In fact, it probably wasn't even a single organism, but more like a community of organisms, containing autotrophs, heterotrophs, saprotrophs, and phagotrophs.

    Another Big Example of Reductive Evolution?

  • The very small picoeukaryotes, both autotrophs and heterotrophs, many of which are grazers on bacteria, are extremely diverse but very poorly known.

    Marine biodiversity

  • The water is also clearer, has higher oxygen levels, and freshwater fish such as trout and heterotrophs can be found there.

    Freshwater biomes

  • Human interference in the nitrogen cycle is largely due to the fact that heterotrophs, including people, cannot synthesize their own amino acids and hence must digest preformed proteins.

    Global material cycles


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