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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a hexamer


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  • At least FliI and dynein both form similar hexameric superstructures that use ATP (with sequence-homologous domains) to effect conformation change, and at least this hit can be retrieved on PSI-BLAST (many of the Liu-Ochman claims cannot…we have tried).

    Update on PNAS flagellum paper - The Panda's Thumb

  • These results implicate several current theories regarding helicase activity by this critical hexameric enzyme.

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  • (Tokyo, Japan), were recently awarded a U.S. patent that governs all novel aspects of the methodology, particularly the protease pre-treatment of samples. 1 The patent also covers further applications of the method, including the determination of HMW, hexameric, and trimeric adiponectin, as well as assignation of the relative ratios to total adiponectin, including HMWR. Press Releases

  • In the first structure of an AAA+ hexameric helicase and initiator protein bound to double stranded origin DNA, Dr. Chen discovered several remarkable and surprising features that reveal how hexameric helicase/initiator proteins function in origin DNA melting and unwinding, a critical step in DNA replication.

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  • FORC-A is a hexameric promoter motif that is conserved in clusters of Arabidopsis genes co-expressed in response to fungal or oomycete pathogens as well as defined light treatments.

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  • The results suggest a simple model of HIV formation in human cells: multiple Gag proteins interact to form a hexameric lattice that grows with an inherent curvature and that incorporates new proteins stochastically.

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  • The protein complex displays an ornate architecture consisting of 24 subunits, two hexameric rings of 12 Pdx1 subunits to which

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • (X-ray structure data from Pseudomonas sp. 9861-4 suggest an a3 b3 hexameric structure [21]) [21] 5 Isolation/Preparation/Mutation/Application Localization cytoplasm

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  • VIAject®'s formulation allows insulin to disassociate, or separate, from the six molecule (hexameric) form to the single molecule (monomeric) form and inhibit re-association to the hexameric form, promoting more rapid delivery of insulin into the blood to produce its desired biological effects.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The paper is titled: "Running in reverse: the structural basis for translocation polarity in hexameric helicases."

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