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  • adj. having six complete sets of chromosomes in a single cell.
  • n. a cell or organism that has six complete sets of chromosomes.


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  • Wheat is what is called a hexaploid, meaning it contains six duplicated copies of its genome.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • Today 90% of the wheat grown in the world is hexaploid bread wheat.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • The hexaploid species, A. colei ms, is widespread in the semiarid zone of northern Australia.

    Chapter 48

  • They are still sterile, but when treated with colchicine, as described above, these plantlets produce partially fertile hexaploid triticales (AABBRR).

    5 Breeding Triticale

  • Aegilops squarrosa (DD), it gave rise to the hexaploid wheats AABBDD.

    5 Breeding Triticale

  • Almost all work worldwide centers on hexaploid triticales.

    5 Breeding Triticale

  • So far, octoploids have been most valuable for improving hexaploid triticales.

    5 Breeding Triticale

  • Today, almost half of the spring hexaploid varieties released worldwide are derived from it either directly or indirectly.

    5 Breeding Triticale

  • Again chromosome doubling occurred, resulting in hexaploid wheat.

    5 Breeding Triticale

  • At CIMMYT in the 1970s, the crop's agronomic breakthroughs came from crosses between Armadillo (a hexaploid) and some newly created octoploid triticales, of which the Maya group were among the first.

    5 Breeding Triticale


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