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  • Containing or consisting of six syllables: as, irreconcilable is a hexasyllabic word; the hexasyllabic form of a choriambus ( for ).


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  • The careful reader may trace the junctures of sound and sense in the poem's stanza structure: here, for example, we first stop short on the hexasyllabic line, "Stop here, or gently pass," our progress further impeded by its opening trochee.

    Captivation and Liberty in Wordsworth's Poems on Music

  • "Nonobservational" is hexasyllabic and can be massaged into being pronounced as two dactyls without two much damage done.


  • (My favorite two are the ones whose hexasyllabic words are "antejentacular" for the one and "aviannutritive" and "multihellenicide" (look at the showoff, including two, if you count "aviannutritive" as a word in its own right and not just a mishyphenated compound) for the other.)


  • Textually, the departure from normal German octosyllabic verse and the almost exclusive use in the first volume (1576) of Italian poetic forms – for example the decasyllabic or hendecasyllabic triplet with the rhyme pattern AAA, ABA, ABB, or else the six-line hexasyllabic or heptasyllabic, divided into three couplets with the rhyme pattern AA, BB, CC – indicate the extent to which Regnart was influenced by his Italian models; this influence is less marked, however, in the second and third books (1577–9).

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