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  • Note 34: This process was not rational, as Carruthers notes, "but one of desire and will guided through the process of change by remembered habit, 'firmas facilitas' or hexis."

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • He would do so not because of an acquired disposition or hexis, as Aristotle had it, but because he knows how to reason correctly about his needs.


  • Defective states of character are hexeis (plural of hexis) as well, but they are tendencies to have inappropriate feelings.

    Aristotle's Ethics

  • Technê is a disposition (hexis) that produces something by way of true reasoning; it is concerned with the bringing into existence (peri genesin) of things that could either exist or not.

    Episteme and Techne

  • Nature is an “hexis,” an essence which is self-moving through seminal reasons, producing and containing what she provides in limited periods of time, and giving birth to things similar to those from which she has been detached.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • The former is Aristotle's [Greek: energeia], the latter his [Greek: hexis].

    Plutarch's Morals

  • No, here ethics should be read philologically and homonymously, resonating like the strings of a cello with connotations of hexis, economy, and the household.

    Larval Subjects .

  • (poiêton) and action (praktikon), since the disposition (hexis) with respect to making is different from the disposition with respect to acting.

    Episteme and Techne

  • Glossary appearances: phainomena beautiful: kalon clear: saphes complete (verb, also: to perfect): teleein condition: hexis continence (literally: mastery): enkrateia continent: enkratês disposition: hexis emotion: pathos evil: kakos, phaulos excellence: aretê feeling: pathos fine: kalon flourishing: eudaimonia friendship: philia; philein (the verb cognate to the noun “philia,” can sometimes be translated

    Aristotle's Ethics


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