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  • n. A pair of cymbals as part of a drum kit that clash together when actuated by the foot pedal.


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  • Ian Smith, the former New Zealand wicketkeeper, titled his autobiography Just a Drummer in the Band, and by his analogy Matthew Prior's keeping, agile, focused and supremely relaxed, sounds like Ringo Starr jauntily riding the hi-hat and nailing the fills while Mahendra Singh Dhoni, jaded, diffident and his timing gone to cock, reverberates like a one-man band tumbling down a marble staircase.

    My glove affair with keepers of the lost stumpers' art

  • For long periods at a time I only worked with a snare drum and hi-hat and then a bass drum and then finally a ride cymbal and eventually a couple of toms.

    Joseph Vella: Keeping Time with Bill Evans

  • I learned to play brushes very early and intensely when I first started playing because I only had a snare drum and then a snare drum and a hi-hat.

    Joseph Vella: Keeping Time with Bill Evans

  • Chris St. Hilaire is busy but never overbearing—to keep things moving while his drums rumble, he lets the ride cymbal sizzle and adds taut figures on the hi-hat.

    New Power Trio Muscles Through

  • After having been barrelling along at 100mph the track comes to a period of relative calm (a flat area in the track) and it undulates up and down beneath you in time to the hi-hat.

    Gaming Soundtracks (and not the kind you’re thinking!)

  • There is a particular part in the 4th track of the album, where the cacophony cuts back to primarily the sound of the hi-hat beating out a straight rhythm.

    Gaming Soundtracks (and not the kind you’re thinking!)

  • I wanted to try something a little different than the traditional hi-hat so I decided to go with chocolate mint, using my favorite stumbled upon recipe.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Alistair: Drums: simple hi-hat and snare beat with brushes.

    Albatross Antics

  • In the title track, with Ms. Bush gently exhorting him, the actor Stephen Fry enunciates 50 words for snow; the song is a modal bit colored by squeals from Dan McIntosh's guitar and driven by Mr. Gadd's brushes chugging on the snare and hi-hat.

    Saying It With Snowflakes

  • I then did the same with the snare (s), and then used a separate patch of hi-hat samples.

    Little Red Riding Hood « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog


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