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  • n. Plural form of hi-hat.


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  • Her preferred sound favors house music stripped of all of its excesses, until just the subtlest, most inciting parts remain: a muted bass kick, itinerant snippets of hi-hats, a warm chord or vocal part here and there.

    Brazen Beats and Metal Mayhem

  • Thanks for sharing I've been wanting to try making hi-hats, too.

    Mint Chocolate Hi-Hat Cupcakes

  • This was my first time making hi-hats, and I had heard horror stories about the frosting falling off into the chocolate.

    IronCupcake_007: Mocha Cappucino Hi-Hats

  • At one end of the emotional spectrum there's the shouty indie-disco flavours of Drunk Girls and Pow Pow, the latter of which sets a stream of consciousness rant against a backdrop of twitchy guitars and flanged hi-hats.

    LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening

  • The theme of water runs through this album: Samples of hi-hats that sound like drizzling rain, looped triangles that resemble trickling streams and Prophet keyboards emissions like breaking waves.

    Make It 'So'!

  • Sneakily (and I don't know if Seth has picked up on this) I eliminated all cymbals from the majority of the piece; there's some treated cymbals in the bridge, where everything turns right on its head, but there's no cymbals in the rest -- no hi-hats, no tambourines, nothing.

    One day we'll get that memorial case in the Batcave, yes we will

  • Anyway, the new record, released this last week, is full of all kinds of deep stuff: subtle drum patterns, skittering hi-hats, super deep basslines, delicate synths - all of which harkens back to their first album, 2003's Digital Russian, released by Force Tracks.

    Music (For Robots): May 2006 Archives

  • The proto-disco song is noted for its driving hi-hats and was a blueprint for subsequent four-on-the-floor dance records.

    World music classic 37 « Jahsonic

  • I went with this particular song because its got this feel and resonance that's just impossible to beat - the bass, the synth pads and the perfect little hi-hats.

    Slo-burn Friday (Music (For Robots))

  • I had problems with that chocolate sour cream cupcake recipe as well when I was making the chocolate-covered hi-hats.

    Week 16: Chocolate Cupcake with Pink Mint Frosting


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