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  • noun A portable charcoal-burning brazier with a grill, used chiefly for cooking.

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  • noun In Japan, a pan or box in which charcoal is kept burning for the purpose of warming the hands or heating an apartment; a brazier.

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  • noun A portable brazier, powered by charcoal, used for cooking.

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  • verb cook over a hibachi grill
  • noun a portable brazier that burns charcoal and has a grill for cooking


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[Japanese : hi, fire + -bachi, combining form of hachi, bowl (from Middle Chinese pat, Buddhist monk's begging bowl (also the source of Mandarin , from Sanskrit pātram, cup, bowl; see pō(i)- in Indo-European roots).]

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

c. 1870, from Japanese 火鉢 (ひばち, hibachi, "A charcoal-powered heating brazier")


  • Beside the hibachi was a sheet of newspaper with a neat arrangement of little piles of unidentifiable flotsam on it.

    Burning Water

  • Japanese hug to themselves and hang over smaller stoves, called hibachi, metal vessels containing a handful of smouldering charcoal.

    Peeps at Many Lands: Japan

  • A number of the fish, meat and poultry dishes - including a rib-eye steak for $19.95 and twin lobster tails at $39.95 - can be prepared either teriyaki-style or on the hibachi, which is back in the kitchen rather than on the table.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Judging from my experience in the dining room and at the sushi bar I did not have the opportunity to try the so-called hibachi room, which operates in the old Benihana steak-house style, Lucky Buddha is not to be missed.

    NYT > Home Page

  • They will all continue to have three areas designated for hibachi, which is cooked by a chef right on each table; a sushi bar; and lots of tables at which patrons can dine on meals prepared in the kitchen.


  • ` ` He really was screaming it this morning in the shootaround, so 'hibachi' it is. - Basketball - Charlotte vs. Washington

  • The 'hibachi' grill didn't get turned on tonight, '' said Arenas, referring to the word he sometimes yells when taking a shot. - Basketball - New York vs. Washington

  • The "hibachi" is the only stove, except the cook-stove, that they have in Japanese houses.

    The Japanese Twins

  • Sanders-Clyde Elementary eighth-grader Kalyn Lewis edged out her younger sister, Amy, for the title of district spelling champion after correctly spelling "hibachi," which her sixth-grade sister misspelled, and "canine."

    Stories: Local News

  • For me a hibachi will always be a small cast iron charcoal barbecue.

    A meta-mystery : Bev Vincent


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