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  • v. Present participle of hiccough.


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  • The funniest thing about the affair was that I must have knocked Tom Spink's quid down his throat, for he was gagging and hiccoughing all the time he mopped and scrubbed.


  • "I'm not likely to consider," O'Brien was hiccoughing to his two friends in the course of explaining to them the question at issue.

    The Passing of Marcus O'Brien

  • Cornell was tittubating over her, hiccoughing, and repeating vacuously,

    CHAPTER 20

  • So I have to smile at life and its way of hiccoughing us all through until our end and I have to hold the loveliest moments inside me like an empty shell.

    Everything and Nothing

  • Mangas punished the tizwin something fearful, and presently, when the others had toppled sideways or were hiccoughing against each other telling obscene Apache stories, he jerked his head at me, collared a flask, and led the way, stumbling and cursing freely, to the old ruined fort.


  • A low hiccoughing came from some concealed arboreal thing.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • Well, at 12: 30 AM, not having slept for more than 24 hours, I thought it was and I thought that I had saved it when blogger was having cramps and my wireless was hiccoughing.

    31 « August « 2006 « Adventures in Juggling

  • And honour to the Cuckoo too — why not! — for bursting out of the trap – door in the Moorish Palace like a house – breaker, and hiccoughing twelve times on the assembled company, as if he had got drunk for joy!

    The Cricket on the Hearth

  • Me: * blinks, boggles* ... as you likely know, the Burping Swallows are only seen during this time of year - the rest of the year they migrate to colder climates and give birth to young, all of whom are born hiccoughing and only stop hiccoughing when they learn to burp, at around three months after hatching.

    jaxraven Diary Entry

  • And then all of a sudden he dropped his face into his hands, and broke out with a great hiccoughing dry sob that was horrible to hear.

    Lay Morals


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