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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hie.


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  • As soon as I had a garden of my own, and a spot cleared out, I hied myself to the garden store in search of raspberries.

    » Raspberries

  • Then he hied himself away to a crony of kindred pursuits, with whom he was wont to confer over coupons and roses, and between the two the destiny of young Neil Bonner was made manifest.


  • “So we hied ourselves to the gallery,” Julia recalled.

    A Covert Affair

  • He agreed to furnish dogs on a given date, but no sooner had Floyd Vanderlip turned his toes up-creek, than Charley hied himself away in perturbation to Loraine Lisznayi.


  • Last month, I blogged about a group of Mad Max superfan cosplayers who hied themselves out to the desert in a variety of amazing vehicles (including a flying one-person chopper!) and costumes and spent the weekend playing at apocalypse.

    Boing Boing

  • In late January 2005, Kate and Wills hied away to Balmoral for another long weekend together.

    William and Kate

  • So I hied myself downtown to a famous pet shop named Trefflich's, where there was an entire floor filled with chattering squirrel monkeys.

    Jay Weston: Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

  • Having presided with his president over the first-ever downgrading of the debt his department issues, Mr. Geithner hied to Wroclaw, Poland, to share his wisdom with the assembled European finance ministers, who pointed out that the euro zone is less indebted than the U.S. and not well placed to warn them, as Mr. Geithner did, of the danger of dependence on foreign creditors.

    Aggregating Conceals Some Important Facts

  • It's just that the people who posted one-line blurbs here and had nothing to add to the conversation have hied themselves to the places where they feel more comfortable, and that is no insult to any platform.

    "I have burned my tomorrows, and I stand inside today..."

  • Last night I hied my arse to yoga, still licking my wounds from the week before.

    My yoga journey


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