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  • n. The process or policy of organising as a hierarchy.


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hierarchical +‎ -ism


  • I believe that most violence is a matter of miscommunication, fear, and tribal hierarchicalism.

    Speaking with the Enemy

  • One of the problems I see more on the Right is racism excessive hierarchicalism.

    Watermelon and Core Transformation

  • A problem I see more on the left is Moral Relativism insufficient hierarchicalism?

    Watermelon and Core Transformation

  • And the trend toward violence, and hierarchicalism, doesn't really serve men, although to what I consider to be a superficial level, it appears to.

    9/11 Conspiracies...

  • Butler once told me that the two tendencies placing us at greatest risk as a species were hierarchicalism, and the tendency to place ourselves above others on that hierarchy.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • The matching disease of the Right is an excessive hierarchicalism which can manifest in racist, sexist, homophobic attitudes.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • It wasn't until I began to study slavery, and began to understand the psychology necessary to control other human beings ... and to understand the outcome of the various "prisoner" experiments where students were divided into "guards" and "inmates" that I began to understand, logically, how human hierarchicalism creates hideous effects.

    Escaping the Matrix

  • The fact that I'm allowed to post here at all tells me that TN's membership/leadership doesn't consider the group to be actively in "survival mode" -- if it were, there'd be even more hierarchicalism than there is.

    Dead Monsters and Naked Emperors

  • The natural tendency for human greed, hierarchicalism, solipsism, greed and dishonesty, taking root most strongly in that old devil "10% asshole" factor, means that given a chance, the wealthy and powerful will collect everything on their side, and promote the idea that God wants it that way and that you too can have the private island, if you just support their world view!

    "District 9" and UHC

  • Wou finds a popular equalitarianism within Chinese peasant culture that provides a basis for Communist mobilization around an ideology of redistribution (p. 151; but equally he finds an entrenched hierarchicalism within Chinese popular culture that made subversion of elite power more difficult for Communist cadres (p.

    Theories of the Chinese Revolution


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