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  • n. The act or result of hierarchizing; the establishment of a hierarchy


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  • 'What appear to be cultural units -- human beings, words, meanings, ideas, philosophical systems, social organizations -- are maintained in their apparent unity only through an active process of exclusion, opposition, and hierarchization.

    Towards Resolving Thanksgiving Contradictions

  • The problem is how to assure that the organization does not lead to a re-hierarchization of the world, but to its uninterrupted transformation.

    The Transformation of the World-Robert Chasse

  • The conception of “Whiteness” itself has never existed outside of the hierarchization of the human species, within “Whiteness” itself there being a hierarchy of purebloodedness over mixed ethnicity.

    Boker Tov, Bigot! | Jewschool

  • The structural factors that have been found to correlate significantly with R&D performance are patterns of control degree of hierarchization, communication, and coordination.


  • The secretariat, also, was agreed upon as a body which has in the first place the object of the hierarchization of certain comrades within the central committee and at the same time to create a body which will be able to work with the bureau, in cooperation with the bureau in the fulfillment of the political bureau's tasks.


  • However the restructuring it has initiated does not only consist in the formal standardization of university degrees: the result of Bologna is an increasing stratification and hierarchization of national educational institutions.

    Eurozine articles

  • The result of the exposure of German universities to purely economic demands will, like elsewhere, be an increasing hierarchization of educational institutions.

    Eurozine articles

  • Each will be introduced in order: the mailing list, the past two rounds of discussions about the changes in the production of knowledge, social conflicts and new hierarchization.

    Interactivist Info Exchange - A Project of <a href="http://www.interactivist.net">Interactivist</a> & <a href="http://www.autonomedia.org">Autonomedia</a>


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