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  • n. A genus of pygmy falcons or finch-falcons of Asia, containing some of the smallest birds of prey, as H. cœulescens. Microhierax is a synonym. See Bengal falcon, under falcon.


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  • Since the word hierax can refer to a 'hawk', a 'falcon' or pretty much any bird of prey according to some, it's difficult to ascertain the limit of usage of this word in Etruscan.

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  • The Greek word hierax ἱέραξ was equated with an Etruscan gloss, which was Hellenized in the text as arakos, by Hesychius.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • _hierax_ -- a hawk, because people in the old country once thought that birds of prey swooped earthward to sharpen their eyesight with leaves of the hawkweed, hawkbit, or speerhawk, as they are variously called.

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