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  • n. Plural form of hieroglyph.


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  • The key to the hieroglyphs is the master-key that opens every door.

    A Thousand Miles Up the Nile

  • At the same time the study of hieroglyphs is much more fascinating, and much less difficult, than might be imagined.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • To those who know anything (though never so little) about this curious and interesting subject, it sometimes happens to be asked whether the study of hieroglyphs is not, in truth, of extraordinary difficulty.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • To this question it may be replied that the study of hieroglyphs is sufficiently easy up to a certain point, after which it becomes more, and increasingly more, difficult.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • Egyptian The Book of the Dead, written in hieroglyphs.

    Naguib Mahfouz – The Son of Two Civilizations

  • These so-called hieroglyphs will play a special part at the end of the sixteenth century, at the time when it will be necessary to reconcile pagan

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • In these temple-copies, the poem is sculptured in hieroglyphs.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • The answer was "probably" but it did occur to me, for the umpteenth time, that very few museums offer translations of even small sections of the hieroglyphs, which is a shame as they really do fascinate people.

    Egyptology News

  • These were known as hieroglyphs, which literally meant "sacred writings" as these were mainly used bu goverment officials for God.

    Museum Blogs

  • The search for hidden meanings, the reference to emblem books and enigmatic "hieroglyphs" which has enjoyed a certain vogue among historians of Dutch art, has led, in her opinion, to a fundamental misinterpretation of one of the greatest periods of artistic creativity.

    Mysteries of Dutch Painting


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