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  • n. A physical manifestation of the holy or sacred, serving as a spiritual eidolon for emulation or worship.


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From Ancient Greek ἱερος (hieros), “sacred, holy sign” + φαίνω (phainô), “show, appear”.


  • For today I think Eliade's focus on what he called hierophany, the eruption of the divine into the mundane is the most important thing.

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  • Grannie is the religious hierophany ala Eliade of theological prophecy in the movie.

    Is Religion in Science Fiction Something New? Hardly!

  • Many people live their whole lives without any access to the soul, so that to come into contact with it, in therapy or otherwise, can be experienced as an hierophany, which may involve fear and rejection.

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  • As the great Romanian historian Mircea Eliade wrote, "Except in the modern world, sexuality has everywhere and always been a hierophany a manifestation of the sacred, and . . . also a means of knowledge." - Home Page

  • For all its usefulness in developing technology, science is elementally a path to hierophany.

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  • Eliade even had a word for the experience I had that day: hierophany.

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  • Just as an epiphany can relate to ideas, a hierophany relates to experience -- the experience of the sacred.

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