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  • When 'Blackwood,' therefore, boldly denounces a lady of high rank as a modern Brinvilliers, and no sensation is produced, and no remonstrance follows, what can people in the New World suppose, but that Lady Byron's character was a point entirely given up; that her depravity was so well established and so fully conceded, that nothing was to be said, and that even the defenders of aristocracy were forced to admit it?

    Lady Byron Vindicated

  • For example, although some of the groups were, like Monti himself, markedly anti-Semitic, he also succeeded in holding high rank in B'nai B'rith, a Jewish quasi-Masonic society founded in the USA—even converting to Judaism to do so.

    The Templar Revelation

  • The widow of the celebrated Danish statesman, Christian Colbj/rnsen, and her daughter, were the first ladies of high rank who cordially befriended the poor lad; who listened to me with sympathy, and saw me frequently.

    The True Story of My Life

  • But those in power desired to shield culprits of high rank and to defend the effete organisation of the French War-office.

    With Zola in England

  • Both Matthias and Nicholson attended the Schofield School at Aiken, and later the Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga., where they both took high rank in all that appertains to school life.

    Brief Sketch of the Life and Labors of Rev. Alexander Bettis. Also an Account of the Founding and Development of the Bettis Academy

  • Ferdinand Laub was a virtuoso of high rank who was born in Prague in

    Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday

  • Between the four main tentpoles, long trestle tables groaning with food and drink stood about the colorful carpets that had been laid for a floor, and there were people everywhere, Cairhienin nobles in their finery, a few soldiers with the fronts of their heads shaved and powdered, plainly men of high rank by the fine cut of their coats.

    A Crown of Swords

  • However ridiculous this may seem, it is not more so than a prescription given by the court physician in Siam to a lady of high rank at the time of her confinement: ` ` Rub together shavings of sapan wood, rhinoceros blood, tiger's milk (a fresh deposit found on certain leaves in the forest), and cast-off skins of spiders. ''

    Labor Among Primitive Peoples

  • He walked over to where a larger-than-usual group of Frenchmen was gathered, a sure sign that an officer of high rank was about to be carried away.

    Beyond the Sunrise

  • And there was another man of high rank who came to him, having a dæmon, and one so terrible, that the possessed man did not know that he was going to Antony, but [showed the common symptoms of mania].

    The Hermits


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