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  • adj. Alternative spelling of highborn.


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  • I, who: struggled from the day I was born; had to educate myself; was not provided with the privilege accorded a high-born like Von Slipp — I am the one to be scorned?

    The light that draws the flower

  • Each high-born ass — each "bit of blood" can breed,

    The Age Reviewed

  • Ranald kens nothing about the etiquette of welcoming high-born strangers properly, Sallie.

    Healing the Highlander

  • Now she worried that the Machiavellian Men in Gray were already lining up European princesses and other high-born English beauties as potential matches for the future king.

    William and Kate

  • Unlike the high-born Diana, whose Spencer-family bloodline was even bluer than that of the Teutonic Windsors, Kate was a commoner with working-class roots planted deep in the coal-fields of County Durham.

    William and Kate

  • Subsequent publishers sought to include not just the high-born and well-connected, but also local philanthropists who support educational and cultural institutions.

    Denver's Society Bible Hits the Skids

  • They weren't even Idumaeans, as many in rabbinic literature enjoy referring to them -- Herod's father, who was a Greco-Arab Priest of Apollo from Gaza, for a time having been kidnapped by so-called Idumaeans; his mother, a high-born woman of Petra.

    Robert Eisenman: Abrahamic Conversion

  • With the opening of the new gladiator arena as a backdrop to the murderously vengeful power plays being enacted by the ruthlessly ambitious Batiatus John Hannah, savoring his mendacity to the end, this lusty, garishly gory melodrama spares no blood, shows no mercy and gives no quarter to its many pawns, high-born or low.

    Roush Review: Fringe, Supernatural, Spartacus: Friday Night Lights Up

  • – Although I generally recommend against making the hero high-born and/or royal, I think that making him the son of the leader creates a lot of interesting opportunities you could pursue.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Kuro’s Review Forum

  • He attended Eton and was a member of the Bullingdon Club, an association of high-born monkeys who got up to, er, hijinks, at Oxford University — usually involving champagne and nakedness.

    The Election of Gordon W. Bush


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