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  • To reach that they are counting on using high-compression engines that are turbocharged or supercharged — two existing ways of getting more power out of a small, fuel-thrifty motor.

    Technology That Breaks the Car Industry Mold

  • Their high-compression air-cooled engines require higher-octane fuel to avoid destructive engine knock.

    It’s the Platform, Stupid « Isegoria

  • Set JDVoiceMail to a high-compression codec like TrueSpeech, GSM, or MP3, and hit the red button to start recording.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 | Lifehacker Australia

  • A higher-octane number simply means that the fuel is less prone to pre-ignition problems, so it's often specified for hotter running, high-compression engines.

    Video: Car-care myths and reality

  • I wanted to support a range of hashing and compression algorithms out of the box, and LZMA looked like a good high-compression algorithm for when using remote storage - where bandwidth and storage costs are likely to be significant, and link bandwidth limited enough to make heavy compression CPU costs worthwhile.

    Snell-Pym » Ugarit Roadmap

  • The lead in aviation gas is really useful in high-compression aviation engines.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Non-Ethanol Gas in the DC Area:

  • For device technologies such as our aircraft powerplant, this calling is more likely to be continuous in time and parallel, as say when the combustion system “calls for,” or executes under, a continuous supply of high-compression air for combustion.

    The Nature of Technology

  • China announced this year that it is now building advanced high-compression alcohol engines similar to the Scania engines, so as to bypass high-priced diesel altogether; China recognizes that the U.S. is not going to let it anywhere near Central Asian oil or even much of the Mideast oil.

    David Blume: Bailout GM, But Here's What to Demand

  • Miracle of miracle, six months later, high-compression, high-performance alcohol-only vehicles began rolling off every car company's assembly line.

    David Blume: Bailout GM, But Here's What to Demand

  • Big-bore kits coupled with high-compression pistons are a potent way to max out the power of your utility machine.

    Power Up Your 4x4


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