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  • The whole left/right way of looking at things takes a very high-dimensional space and compresses it into a single dimension.

    Top Republican: I'd Rather Run Against Obama And His "National-Security Deficit"

  • In summary, the idea was that a pair of parallel branes, floating in a high-dimensional space triggered the Big Bang by “colliding” and bouncing apart.

    The Arrow of Time in Scientific American

  • And these patterns of points that I've shown for you actually represent symmetries of this high-dimensional object that would be warping and moving and dancing over the space time that we experience.

    Garrett Lisi on his theory of everything

  • In this model, perception and cognition are mathematically described as a continuous trajectory through a high-dimensional mental space; the neural activation patterns flow back and forth to produce nonlinear, self-organized, emergent properties — like a biological organism.

    Causal Consciousness – Science of Mind

  • Even in high-dimensional space, where there exists a curve which is nondecreasing with respect to absolute fitness for the population to follow, feedback loops will cause its evolutionary trajectory to diverge from that curve to some degree, lowering its fitness from what it would be otherwise.

    Evolution as Feedback? - The Panda's Thumb

  • The role of the statistician is somewhat trivial in such cases; she simply calculates the projection of the high-dimensional data onto the low-dimensional subspace the “model”.

    Climate Models – the Next Generation « Climate Audit

  • In the late 70s, some researchers argued that the way to deal with these problems was to treat category representations as a collection or cluster in high-dimensional space of all of the members of that category that we have encountered.

    Concepts III: Exemplars

  • The solution, first proposed by Rosch, was to treat concepts as "clusters in a vast high-dimensional similarity space that were devised to maximize the similarity within a cluster and minimize the similarity between clusters"4.

    Concepts II: Prototypes

  • So to some extent, doing all of these activities is like working in a high-dimensional space whose dimensionality keeps getting higher but we can handle it because we don't have to know of all of cultural history...we can just look at parts of it.

    But Seriously Folks

  • One idea is that our three-dimensional universe may be embedded in a high-dimensional space, just as you can imagine on these sheets of paper.

    Martin Rees asks: Is this our final century?


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