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  • adjective Of or pertaining to high frequency sound or other radiation


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  • He called high-frequency traders "the natural enemy" of big investors like hedge funds and mutual funds.

    Pipeline Financial's Top Officers Leave in Wake of 'Dark Pool' Case

  • Half of a thousandth of a second may not matter to some, but it can mean the difference between a profit and a loss to the many traders engaging in so-called high-frequency trading, which often measures time in the microsecond--one millionth of a second.

    Wall Street to Link Up With Washington

  • Hedge funds, mutual funds and other big investors have been looking for ways to fight back against the powerful computer systems used by so-called high-frequency traders.

    Slowpoke Traders Seek to Gain on Speedsters

  • One CFTC commissioner, Bart Chilton , has called high-frequency traders "cheetahs," in homage to their speed.

    Subpoenas Go Out to High-Speed Trade Firms

  • One surprising element of the fall-off in liquidity is that one key set of players actually appears to be more active in recent months: so-called high-frequency traders.

    Traders Warn of Market Cracks

  • Already a target of opposition from trading industry lobbyists and unlikely to advance in Congress, the proposed tax was designed to curb short-term trading—namely, high-frequency trading—that some Democrats worry is hurting the U.S. financial market.

    CBO: Trading Tax Could Drive Away Financial Firms

  • So-called high-frequency trading firms drew suspicions following the gyration, but an internal report by German exchange operator Deutsche Börse AG, completed this month but not widely circulated, determined that such participants' rapid buying and selling actually helped absorb some of the market shock.

    High-Speed Traders Off Hook in Germany

  • A third major challenge for the SEC involves the rise of so-called high-frequency trading, in which investment firms use powerful computers to detect razor-thin market inefficiencies and then take advantage of them by trading large volumes of shares in mere milliseconds, the report says.

    Study: SEC needs bigger budget for growing workload

  • So-called high-frequency trading—a method of rapidly buying and selling securities—has come under scrutiny in recent years as slower-moving investors have raised concerns around being outpaced, and financial markets have increasingly come to rely on the liquidity offered by such firms.

    U.S., U.K. Regulators to Weigh High-Frequency Registration

  • The lingo tends to be concrete and calls for mostly very common words so-called high-frequency vocabulary.

    A Mind at a Time


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