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  • adj. Common misconstruction of high-pitched.


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  • An Austrian advertisement for dog food features high-pitch noises only audible to dogs.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Dems Promote Dem Bill By Making It Less Dem-y

  • In meetings with potential investors in the fall of that year, she cited research explaining that women are more sensitive to high-pitch frequency noises and cannot fall asleep after hearing them.

    Making Strides at Start-Ups

  • Sébastien Véronèse L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges restaurant As we enter a vast hall in Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or outside Lyon, France, a fairground organ booms into action, its high-pitch circus tunes almost deafening.

    Chef Paul Bocuse Harks Back to His Youth

  • There are quite a few electronic devices available for animal control that have motion detectors which activate rotary high-pressure water jets, floodlights, noise - like barking dogs-or high-pitch squeals that only animals (some, like dogs, maybe tejones) can hear, or a mix of the above.

    Tejones and other cute pests

  • Jamie Aspland uses an ‘echo location’ technique, uttering high-pitch clicks with the sound then rebounding off surfaces to help guide him round obstacles.

    Four Year Old Blind Boy Uses ‘Dolphin’ Technique to See | Impact Lab

  • Sparsely layered amateur bass riffs, a high-pitch whistle effect that peaked in popularity just before I hit puberty.

    Monkeytown excerpt 3

  • You know, like if you wanted to scare people watching then there's a particularly genre (the second example with the heavy, high-pitch strings) you'd want to get ten clips from and then compare.

    Audio Vision, Part 1

  • The device called the Mosquito emits a piercing high-pitch sound designed to drive sharp eared teenagers crazy, but it's inaudible to most people over 25.

    Mosquito Targets Teens With Audio Repellent

  •  The high-pitch of drones so far up you could not see them.

    When it Gets Dark

  • The audio captured was scratchy, with a barely audible but still perceptible high-pitch noise that is almost impossible for even skilled video editors to eliminate.

    Recording Video With Barbie


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