from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Reaching high or upward; hence, ambitious; aspiring.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Reaching to a great height.
  • Ambitious; aspiring.


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  • Clamor kicks off a national tour on January 8 in New York City to celebrate her latest CD, "Something Good," which includes "Doodlin' in Taglish," a sinewy workout for her voice, which soars from the lowest soulful moans to high-reaching scat.

    Gil Asakawa: Charmaine Clamor, "Queen of Jazzipino," Coming To Colorado Jan. 29

  • In his ambition and will he created the template, I would argue, for all the high-reaching politicians, generals, capitalists and artists who have come after him.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • With high-reaching dreams of my own, women like Lowrie are paving the way for my dreams to become more and more of a reality.

    Patricia M. Lowrie « AAUW Dialog

  • But I promise you this: If there are high-reaching indictments from Fitzgerald's grand jury that threaten to rip out several vital organs of the Bush regime, the same milksop Machiavellis who extol "hardball" as the Beltway's favorite sport will suddenly start worming their fingers together in major fits of nervous handwringing and warning us these trials risk "tearing the country apart" and becoming a "terrible distraction" to more "urgent problems facing the nation."

    Cries and Whimpers: James Wolcott

  • It can be found far up the high-reaching trail, two hours distance from the nearest habitation.

    Rancho El Pozo: a vignette

  • At dusk they began to climb the steps of one of the high-reaching pagodas, stopping now and then to lean against the ornate guardrail and peer over the edge.

    Heaven Lake

  • Some were wide, with cressets for torches on smooth, high-reaching walls.


  • They had taken off silently but the 19th ship had not risen far enough to escape a high-reaching tendril of the deadly force.

    Unleashed Powers

  • Only the high-reaching issue of these high-reaching individuals would again, _cæteris paribus_, be preserved at the next drought, and would again transmit to their offspring their still loftier stature; and so on, from period to period, through æons of time, all the individuals tending to revert to the ancient shorter type of body, being ruthlessly destroyed at the occurrence of each drought.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • In that case, when the ground vegetation has been consumed, and the trees alone remain, it is plain that at such times only those individuals (of what we assume to be the nascent giraffe species) which were able to reach high up would be preserved, and would become the parents of the following generation, some individuals of which would, of course, inherit that high-reaching power which alone preserved their parents.

    On the Genesis of Species


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