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  • adj. operating at high speed


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  • It was of the crash into his body of a high-velocity bullet.


  • The ultra-violet rays, and other high-velocity and invisible rays from the upper end of the spectrum, rip and tear through their tissues, just as the X-ray ripped and tore through the tissues of so many experimenters before they learned the danger.

    Chapter 32

  • There was one range in Atlanta we went to that had a high-velocity trap with chronograph.

    Some Rifle Barrels are Faster than Others

  • Oregon-Auburn has the potential to be a dazzling, high-velocity game, but this has been a queasy season for big-time college football — even by big-time-college-football standards.

    A Game That Couldn't Arrive Soon Enough

  • Armed with an M16, Pantano was actually ejected from the Marines for desecrating the two corpses by emptying two full clips of sixty high-velocity bullets into their limp bodies and leaving an ugly hand-painted sign on the mutilated cadavers.

    Michael Carmichael: Imam Rauf In Chapel Hill: What's Right With America

  • He prays to God in some dim, dumb way, and vaguely imagines when he has been expedited from this sad world by a machete slash or bayonet thrust or high-velocity steel-jacketed bullet that all will be made square in that other world where God rules and where taskmasters are not.

    Mexico's Army and Ours

  • It was a perfectly good leg, all except for a few inches of bone near the thigh which had been shattered to countless fragments by a wobbling, high-velocity American bullet.

    Mexico's Army and Ours

  • The invisible and high-velocity light waves failed to bore into him.


  • The guides recommended 3-inch No. 2 shot for ducks, 3 or 31 ⁄ 2-inch BBs for geese, with many of them noting that high-velocity loads traveling 1450 fps or more kill the best.

    Why You Miss Ducks (And Other Insights From Our Waterfowl Guide Survey)

  • Law enforcement officials declined to discuss the type of weapon used in the shootings or the caliber of ammunition, but they have said previously that they believe the rounds were fired using a high-velocity rifle.

    FBI links shots fired at Pentagon and Marine museum


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