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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Salpinx: salpingitis.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Greek salpinx, salping-, trumpet.


  • The balloon is a "bubble" of lower-density helium in higher-density air, all sealed in a container the car.

    Answers to Google Interview Questions

  • But expanding our higher-density areas into SF zones and increasing the allowable height in these zones would be a great start.

    Priorities « PubliCola

  • In his book Politics, Planning and Homes in a World City Bowie writes:Mayor Livingstone's planning decisions in support of some higher-density schemes which breached his own sustainable residential quality criteria, and his support for schemes which maximised numerical output, often irrespective of the affordability of homes or the mix between family and non-family accommodation, acted both as an encouragement to developers and as a discouragement to local planning authorities seeking to modify such proposals.

    London housing crisis: solutions, please

  • This may well be changing over time, but it will be a very gradual thing, as the current (and very welcome IMO) vogue for higher-density, upscale city living is a relatively recent phenomenon.

    Matthew Yglesias » Command and Control

  • If you use body mass index too strictly, “fit” can actually appear “fat,” due to the effect of higher-density muscle on the measurement.

    The Flex Diet

  • Arlington has led the region in smart growth; higher-density population areas are built up around Metro and commercial districts and not just thrown willy-nilly wherever space can be found.

    Commuters shouldn't call the shots in Arlington

  • The neighborhood south of Herald Square has changed dramatically since the 1995 rezoning of Sixth Avenue, which ushered in higher-density development.

    New Skyscraper Ignites Growth Below 34th Street

  • Planning: Enable the development of vibrant mixed-use communities and higher-density regional centers, that create a sense of place, allow for transportation choices (other than private automobiles), and protect regional agricultural, watershed, and wildlife habitat lands.

    Village Green: Planning Cities for Sustainability and Resilience

  • With comprehensive planning that allows for community participation, neighborhood character can be retained while creating higher-density affordable housing in an equitable manner.

    Vin Cipolla: Preserving Historic Preservation in New York City

  • Requiring so many garage or lot spaces to go with new offices and residences limits flexibility in planning higher-density buildings and encourages driving over transit, biking and walking.

    Dr. Gridlock: Can parking be 'green'?


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