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  • adj. Somewhat high.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From high +‎ -ish.


  • It's an impressive achievement, and part of the highish grade reflects my sense of admiration that the translator brought all this stuff to light.

    Alex Remington: Radiant Days, Haunted Nights: Yiddish Folktales Are Like the Brothers Grimm With Rabbis

  • Junipero pioneered craft-distilled American gin, and though it is solidly in the London dry style, it has a Western directness, with bold juniper dominating a highish-proof spirit.

    American Entrants in the Gin Game

  • Bold, unapologetic juniper dominates a highish-proof spirit.

    American Entrants in the Gin Game

  • Reading Barron, though, I realized that part of the reason his stories leave me cold is that they assume, as too much genre fiction does, a highish level of reader credulity, and I resent it.

    NY Times Upside My Head

  • Good point, WSF, but I suspect the Venus & Elisabeth voice types are too different - luscious mezzo rolled into highish lyricodramatic soprano could be tricky.

    Tannhäuser in Paris

  • "He was a novelist of a sort that scarcely exists anymore: a serious, highbrow (or highish-brow) entertainer, who for a while was even more successful as a playwright than as a novelist."

    GreenCine Daily: Shorts, 12/10.

  • Sadly air pollution is highish across all of London and it matters little statistically if you are close to a road or in the leafy suburbs of Blackheath; the risks are virtually identical.

    The John Roan Campaign

  • I then cooked it all on a highish heat for ten minutes, brought it to a boil again, and stuck in the candy thermometer.

    Farm Box VI: Apple Windfall

  • The Briffa 2000 reconstruction, as shown below, has a highish MWP, whichis just a titch less than the modern values.

    Briffa 2000 and Yamal « Climate Audit

  • So our fixed points are a highish temperature at the beginning, a low temperature in the 1800s and a highish temperature today.

    Reconciling Zorita « Climate Audit


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