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  • n. An audio filter that discards lower frequencies while preserving higher ones.


high +‎ pass (Wiktionary)


  • Very cool masking technique for the GIMP: Perfect masking using a highpass. May 2008 Archives

  • That said, normally, a filter operation does not subtract the output from the input in such a manner, i.e. a highpass filter would be used to remove the low frequencies, and a separate lowpass filter would be used to remove the high frequencies .

    Wilson et al 2007 « Climate Audit

  • I.e. typically you would take the “mirror” highpass filter and apply it to the original data to get the proper output.

    Gerry North Presentation on NAS Report « Climate Audit

  • You can perform the function on white noise, for example, then subtract that result from the original data to get the highpass portion, and do a cross-correlation between them.

    Gerry North Presentation on NAS Report « Climate Audit

  • Two Filters, both switchable between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes and capable of self oscillation even without an audio input.

    KVR News: Top Stories

  • The Filter is a variable highpass filter (up to 250 Hz) on the sidechain that allows audio material below a selected frequency to pass through the unit without triggering compression on the entire signal.


  • The receiver includes balanced XLR-type and unbalanced ¼-inch output connections; ground-lift switch on XLR-type output; metal receiver construction; rackmount kit and detachable UHF receiver antennas; field-replaceable bodypack transmitter antenna; highpass filter; adjustable squelch; soft-touch controls and LCD display; and control of input sensitivity.


  • Tonelux Tilt features a Tilt/Loud section for rebalancing sounds (or tilting them, we should say), a Filter section with a highpass and lowpass filter to further shape sounds, an

    Gearwire -

  • In addition, the DN-X600 has a two-way EFX Parameter Filter, including Cross Over Frequency and Isolator (lowpass filter/highpass filter), plus a send/return control for use with external effects, 3-band Channel EQ with full kills, 32-point cross fader contour adjustment with contour adjust, and a Fader Start function (channel/cross fader).

    Gearwire -

  • · Effects: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandreject filter, 8 Tap 3D Phaser, Variable 3D Echo/Flanger effect, XY control pads

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