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  • n. Plural form of highwayman.


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  • In the first month of his new program, ever-aware Gandolo imprisoned the matriarchal Rotomor Gang and the triplet harridan sisters that commanded it, hung the notorious filcher Scynod of the Prehensile Feet, and chased a boisterous company of apes-turned-highwaymen from the Regretful Tomb Way all the way across the river Snat.


  • Now, as you know that nothing is perfect here below, we heard there was a sort of people whom they called highwaymen, waybeaters, and makers of inroads in roads; and that the poor ways were sadly afraid of them, and shunned them as you do robbers.

    Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel

  • And that fact has, in large measure, swept highwaymen from the roads and pirates from the seas.

    Sir Norman Angell - Nobel Lecture

  • We had expected, with reason, that the so-called highwaymen, having retreated to a certain distance, would there pause and very possibly lunch before returning.


  • Each chapter deals with a particular aspect of crime, such as highwaymen or hit men, drugs, prisons, and so forth.

    June 2004

  • From Frank Young these "highwaymen" took 200 dollars in money.

    Diary of Samuel A. Agnew : September 27, 1863-June 30, 1864,

  • He hanged more than a few of those 'highwaymen' on merest suspicion of wrongdoing, and lingered with a winecup in his hand to watch while they died. "

    Arrow's Fall

  • All these are arrant robbers, the others in the upper end of the street are mostly small fry, such as highwaymen, tailors, weavers, millers, grocers and so on. "

    The Visions of the Sleeping Bard

  • The numbers are consistent with narrative histories of the brutality of life in the Middle Ages, when highwaymen made travel a risk to life and limb and dinners were commonly enlivened by dagger attacks.

    Violence Vanquished

  • There was no bank in the town – anybody who wished that kind of surety had to transport their cash back to New Amstarling (hence the busyness of the road, and the business of her father and the highwaymen, both) — but she had no clue as to where her father kept his money.

    One Year’s Worth of Woe « A Fly in Amber


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