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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hike.


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  • In the first quarter of this year, Russia 's Gazprom again hiked the prices it charges to Ukraine' s cash-strapped state gas company, Naftohaz Ukrainy, meaning its tab soared to $305 per thousand cubic meters from $50 per thousand cubic meters in 2005.


  • The search will begin once again tomorrow morning, once again, although they did cover much of the trail that she is believed to have hiked, which is about a six-mile trail, the Appalachian Trail, but they are going to be covering any forks off there, trying to hit any places they may have missed.

    CNN Transcript Jan 3, 2008

  • With margin calls hiked so high that - here in London at least - the money held by brokers, exchanges and clearing houses has risen to 43\% of the UK's entire cash deposits, up from the 10-year average of 26\% ...?


  • Overall take: Though it was late afternoon, the 2 volunteers I met in Dubuque were surprisingly upbeat after having "hiked" up and down several steep hills and braved the startlingly loud barking of several large neighborhood dogs.

    Amanda Michel: Story Emerges from Nationwide OffTheBus Campaign Monitoring

  • Its democracy by the dollar, sold to the highest corporate bidder, and our politicians are busy on the back streest of Washington, bent over with their skirts "hiked," soliciting as part of the world oldest profession.

    Hey, You're Spineless!

  • And you know, food prices kind of hiked up these days.

    CNN Transcript May 3, 2008

  • Slowly and alone, I "hiked" back to the hotel, feeling that as a receptionee I had "put my foot in it," and must in future be regarded as

    A Fantasy of Mediterranean Travel

  • I know because once Daisy and I hiked and hiked, meaning to follow it to the end.

    The Girl Scouts' Good Turn

  • A hike must be "hiked" to be real, the "grub" must be munched by the side of a stream, and the wild things venturing out for crumbs must be "seen to be appreciated," as the "ad" says; so that it would seem unreal to attempt to put into words the glories of a day in the woods with the Wellingtons.

    Jane Allen, Junior

  • For eight years she had "hiked" across Canada, here getting casual employment, there using up her meagre earnings: life being lived all the Time nearer the edge of precarious living and moral standards, finally last week, without work or savings or home, a suppliant at the desk of the agency caring for unmarried mothers and their children.

    Canada's Problems in Relief and Assistance


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