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  • “This person writes well, like Raymond Chandler.” hilde |


  • Night hilde, you smart cool, see ya on the flip and beyond as we destroy this fuckhood of evil!

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: Why We Will Beat Them in the End

  • The old version of the OED I have, however, says following Skeat that the English word "gun" may derive from the Norse woman's name Gunhilda given to an ancient artillery piece -- or else from a compound of "gun" + "hilde", approximately, both of which have martial meanings. A FUNNY STORY.

  • The Old English from which this passage is taken reads: -- ge swylce sēo here-pād, sīo æt hilde gebād ofer borda gebræc bite īrena, brosnað æfter beorne; ne mæg byrnan hring 2260 æfter wīg-fruman wīde fēran hæleðum be healfe.

    The Translations of Beowulf A Critical Bibliography

  • Þâ wäs frôd cyning, hâr hilde-rinc, on hreón môde, syððan he aldor-þegn unlyfigendne,


  • From ærest cwom oruð aglæcean ût of stâne, hât hilde-swât; hruse dynede.


  • Þâ ymbe hlæw riodan hilde-deóre, äðelinga bearn ealra twelfa, woldon ceare cwîðan, kyning mænan, word-gyd wrecan and ymb wer sprecan,


  • II. þät þu hine selfne geseón môste (_mightest see_), 962. -- 2) _shall, must, be obliged_: môt, 2887; môste, 1940; þær he þý fyrste forman dôgore wealdan môste, swâ him Wyrd ne gescrâf, hrêð ät hilde (_if he must for the first time that day be victorious, as Fate had denied him victory_, cf.


  • Setton him tô heáfdum hilde-randas, bord-wudu beorhtan; þær on bence wäs


  • Þâ wäs beorges weard äfter heaðu-swenge on hreóum môde, wearp wäl-fýre, wîde sprungon hilde-leóman: hrêð-sigora ne gealp



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