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  • Persons living in the hills; hillmen.
  • In Scand. myth., a class of beings intermediate between elves and men, inhabiting caves and hills.


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  • These daughters of hill-folk with bad skin, anchor babies from Russellville chicken plants, and disabled vets like me -- WE ARE THE PROLETARIAT.

    Matt Osborne: Cadillac Plans, Mandates, and the Proletariat

  • Since, as far as big-city comic book writers know, Pennsylvania is crawling with inbred hill-folk, it only stands to reason that Spider-man's one recorded visit to the state would lead him head first into the buck-toothed, in-bred-ed-est hillbilly clan possible.

    Some Less-Than-Spectacular Spider-Man Foes

  • Glen, nor dargle, nor mountain, nor cave, could hide the puir hill-folk when Redgauntlet was out with bugle and bloodhound after them, as if they had been sae mony deer.


  • He rose accordingly, and taking his sheathed broadsword under his arm to support the insolence which he meditated, placed himself in front of the stranger noticed by Niel Blane, in his admonitions to his daughter, as being, in all probability, one of the hill-folk, or refractory presbyterians.

    Old Mortality

  • The little hill-folk sweat in the modified heat of the lower Siwaliks, and gather round the priests for their blessing and their wage.


  • And then a cry comes down, and she nods; Axel, maybe, or maybe the hill-folk, devils — anyway, something to sniff and scent and find — to worm out the meaning of it all, the wisdom of the Almighty with the dark and the forest in the hollow of His hand — and He would never harm Oline, that was not worthy to unloose the latchet of His shoes ...

    The Growth of the Soil

  • Most of the hill-folk shepherds were mongrels by Sunpriest standards anyway.

    Exile's Valor

  • He was clad in a mixture of new hill-folk shirt and cloak and the ruins of civilized breeches and boots.

    Conan the Relentless

  • Maybe it was simply that he'd suggested plain, unglamorous hill-folk, and Quenten had suggested the opposite.

    Winds Of Fate

  • He'd made a similar suggestion-though he had suggested they dress as a pair of landed hill-folk rather than mercs-and she had dismissed the notion out of hand.

    Winds Of Fate


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