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  • n. A man who belongs to a tribe inhabiting the hills.


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hills +‎ man


  • But these ragged clothes and these weapons are belted and worn with a certain air and matched in a certain manner, neither of which can be acquired by everybody and which at once strike the eye of a Cossack or a hillsman.

    The Cossacks

  • Now, with unprecedented courage and a strength that amazed everyone, he slew and subdued an innumerable host of hillsmen; now he was himself a hillsman and with them was maintaining their independence against the Russians.

    The Cossacks

  • He respects his enemy the hillsman and despises the soldier, who is in his eyes an alien and an oppressor.

    The Cossacks

  • A Cossack is inclined to hate less the dzhigit hillsman who maybe has killed his brother, than the soldier quartered on him to defend his village, but who has defiled his hut with tobacco-smoke.

    The Cossacks

  • They don't wait for court week, when in other days the courthouse yard was the market place of the hillsman.

    Blue Ridge Country

  • With the inbred instinct of the hillsman he swung about and headed for the little, light-blue station at the head of the crooked street.

    The Escape of Mr. Trimm His Plight and other Plights

  • A drowsy hillsman, muffled to his back hair in a long brown cloak, and with buskins on his legs such as a stage bandit wears, was dozing against the wall.

    Europe Revised

  • But when he had changed his dress for the rough garb of the hillsman, and, meeting them kindly upon their own ground, had entered so readily into their life, the people by common consent dropped the distinguishing title "Mister" for the more familiar one of the backwoods, "Dad."

    The Shepherd of the Hills

  • They seemed abler bargainers than the men, and the play of expression on their dramatic and intensely feminine faces as they wheedled the price of a calf out of a fierce hillsman, or haggled over a heap of dates that

    In Morocco

  • For long they rode silently, and in that time Cumner's Son found new thoughts; and these thoughts made him love the brown hillsman as he had never loved any save his own father.

    Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk — Complete


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