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  • n. The posterior portion of a side of beef, lamb, veal, or mutton, including a hind leg and one or two ribs.
  • n. The posterior part of a quadruped, adjacent to the hind legs.

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  • n. Either rear half of a side of beef, mutton, veal, lamb or by extension from another edible mammal.
  • n. The hind biped (leg) of a quadruped, or all body parts situated behind the hind legs' trunk-attachment.
  • n. Human behind, butt.

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  • n. the back half of a side of meat, from about the twelfth rib back.

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  • n. the back half of a side of meat


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of hind and quarter


  • From the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas, he reports: Drawing on interviews with dozens of eye-witnesses, [Sasquatch expert Dr. Henner] Fahrenbach went on to say that Bigfoot's diet is rich in mussels, clams, peacocks, and the "hindquarter" of deer.

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  • In honour of my fellow Yellowknifer Janet Pacey and her unabashed love of ptarmigans I finally got off my haunches (which is defined as “the fleshy hindquarter of an animal” – definitely suitable) and got some ptarmigan shots.

    Ptarmigan Town » Dave Brosha Photography

  • Venison will never taste so good ... don't beleive me, try it with one hindquarter this year ... it will make a believer out of you!

    any proven way to take the wild taste out of deer meat?

  • The short loin (porterhouse, New York shell and T-bone steaks), tenderloin (filet mignon), top butt and flank are among the cuts of the hindquarter, while the brisket, chuck, plate and rib make up the forequarter.

    Where's the Beef? A Steak Makes a Long Journey

  • The hardest job of all is lifting a 100-plus-pound forequarter or hindquarter to the electric band saw, according to butcher George Fernandez.

    Where's the Beef? A Steak Makes a Long Journey

  • If you have ever seen a dog naw on a deer hindquarter before you know that they love what they do.

    Deer Hunting with Dogs

  • I shot a deer from my stand at 10 yrds with my 30.06, 150 grain round, regrettably I hit him in the chest, at that angle I thought I had the sight pointed more in a downward angle minimizing damage to the cavity, but it was higher, the round logged in its chest, however, the kinetic energy pushed some bone through the chest cavity and blew out the rear hindquarter.

    How well would a 30-06 do at ranges from 10-100 yds

  • As does the offending hip joint, which starts behind my pelvic bone, on the right hindquarter.

    Marcia DeSanctis: Airports, Security, Titanium and Lingerie

  • The bull turned around slowly to face Hernando and settled gently on his hindquarter.

    Carlos The Impossible (Part 2)

  • She walked around back of her horse and slapped the hand on each flank, leaving a glowing green handprint on each hindquarter.

    Men Don't Leave Me


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