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  • n. A form of portable bath, intended for sitting in, so that only the hips and the lower part of the trunk are submerged. Also called sitz-bath.


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  • There are several widely accepted methods of hydro-therapeutic treatment, chiefly among which are enema, hip-bath, steam bath, the full sheet pack, local wet packs, hot foot bath, spinal bath, localized fomentation by steam, etc.

    Hydrotherapy ��� Role of Water in the Process of Healing

  • Wherefore it is to be treated thus: The patient is to be put into a hip-bath of hot water, and sixty grains of the grana gnidia are to be pounded and infused in a hemina of wine, with half a hemina of oil, and injected.

    On Fistulae

  • The designer had faxed through preliminary sketches, from which she took copies to play around with, pencilling in an old-fashioned bathtub on one side of the room and a hip-bath in the other.

    Purchased By The Billionaire

  • Upon inspection, the small hip-bath proved to fill and empty the same way.

    The Outstretched Shadow

  • The manifesto accused Venice, among other things, of being a 'jeweled hip-bath for cosmopolitan courtesans' and 'a great sewer of traditionalism. '

    The Futurist Past

  • The symptom of cerebral congestion -- a chronic sense of fullness in the head -- is often very simply alleviated by placing the patient in "_a sitz_" or hip-bath, with the water varying from 70° to 90° F,

    The Opium Habit

  • Should the half-bath or shallow-bath (which are technical terms for the bath described above), not be sufficient to relieve the head, the patient must be placed in a _sitz-_ or _hip-bath_ of 65° to 70° and stay there, with his body covered by a blanket or two, till the head is easy.

    Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms

  • The noble animal stepped off slowly and cautiously, as if fully aware of the danger of the passage, but had proceeded only about fifty yards when he lost his footing, and plunged us into an entirely new and decidedly cold hip-bath.

    Among the Pines or, South in Secession Time

  • But the only kind of bath which an undergraduate can command is a hip-bath.

    Zuleika Dobson, or, an Oxford love story

  • She was provided with food and lodging and the use of the cart like a hip-bath when Lady

    Queen Lucia


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