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  • adj. Alternative spelling of hippyish.


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  • It was only when NASA began to lose momentum following the Apollo program that worried space supporters coalesced into a movement under the umbrella of two organizations: the establishmentarian National Space Institute, founded by Wernher von Braun and Hugh Downs, and the space-hippieish L5 Society, founded by fans of Princeton physicist Gerard K. O'Neill's plan for orbital space colonies.

    Not Your Father's Space Program

  • The hippieish Kennedy surprises some police with his ability to relate to black and Hispanic gang bangers.

    Always on My Mind

  • A very good friend is an ex-hippieish liberal Buddhist who has identified to me ...

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2009 – February – 19

  • Aterciopelados (Velvety Ones), from Bogota, have a slightly hippieish female singer and a folk-pop style with echoes of R.E.M. Uniting these bands -- and this is a point of pride -- is that they all sing in Spanish.

    Se Habla Rock And Roll? You Will Soon.

  • A hippieish mom with a tattoo (Susan Sarandon) learns she has cancer and prepares her ex-husband's new girlfriend (Julia Roberts) to mother her children.

    Early Warning 2

  • It's too cliched, too hippieish, too filled with dewdrops and idealism.

    RJ Eskow: Is the Crisis Your Fault? or, Epochal Events On the Easy Credit Plan

  • They're hippieish, but appear to have been color-coordinated, Virgo-style, with the pants (an upscale, more bougie choice.)

    Colleen Werthmann: Hillary Clinton Pen-Pal Reveals Letters: "A Portrait of the Grown-Up Dork as a Young Dork"

  • Disentangling strands of beaded network cable, Turner recaps the turn of events by which the hippieish brain trust behind the Whole Earth Catalog helped bring about the digital age, co-opting in the process the very military-industrial-technology complex its members once railed against.

    Cover to Cover

  • TV variety shows from that period have all sorts of queasy “old/new” moments, such as this clip of Doris Day singing “Day by Day” from Godspell alongside some hippieish musicians.

    Into the Groovy :

  • It gave the affair a nice hippieish, bohemian feel.

    Archive 2008-10-01


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