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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a hippopotamus.


hippo +‎ -like (Wiktionary)


  • And as the clang was still reverberating across the city, our friends saw two terrified hippolike guys dressed in only tattered rags and underwear run out of the Hôtel Frainche-Fraille and disappear around the nearest corner.

    Bubble in the Bathtub

  • There was a giant, horse-sized hyrax; several primitive carnivores, some as small as a weasel, others as massive as a grizzly bear; ancestral elephants, rhinos, and pigs; an odd hippolike animal called an anthracothere; and primitive ruminants related to giraffes.

    Ancestral Passions

  • The hippo finally hippolike, but still something wrong ... the grin venal-the greasy smirk of a carny barker ...

    Devil's Waltz


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