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  • v. Present participle of historicize.


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  • In conjunction with this interest in historicizing infant salvation and damnation, polemicists even noted the circumcision — or lack thereof — of crucial historical figures at the moment of transition from the Old to the New Law.

    A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

  • In fact, in A Subtler Magick, Joshi gives us his specific complaints aside from objecting to the style of the story -- Gilman is something of a Poe-character, and there are indeed a few lapses that Joshi catches with exaggerated disdain, which uniformly circle around this 'historicizing' material.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • It's through art history that we see what contemporary art can only suggest: how art over time promotes cultural codes, and as part of its historicizing and status-raising functions--the very functions that make art attractive to the affluent and powerful--art normalizes and perpetuates the specific conventions for a society's arrangement of sex and gender relations and the objects accorded them by the requisites of the dominant homosocial order.

    G. Roger Denson: XX Chromosocial: Women Artists Cross The Homosocial Divide

  • It's surely a feat of Zionist historicizing that otherwise intelligent and moral people in the West continuously affirm the "right of Israel to exist as the Jewish state."

    Ahmed Moor: Israel's Jewish Character Is Subject for Debate

  • As for the Levitical commandments typically cited as prohibiting homosexuality, the Hebrew is not as clear as some claim, and the historicizing rationales typically proposed for the injunctions - e.g., keeping up the birth rate, avoiding Canaanite practices -- lack foundation.

    The Bible and Sexuality

  • The abstraction of the Sezession in Vienna, Mackintosh in Glasgow, or Art Deco in America, especially when they were linked, often quite successfully, to more historicizing tendencies such as Byzantine revival or neo-Gothicism, suggest crucial approaches for successful stylistic simplification in an age of high building costs and scarce craftsmen.

    The Other Modern: An Introduction

  • I read elsewhere today that "institutional historicizing almost inevitably excises the spirit of the original millieu it's trying to document"

    Rumblings of Change: The Future's So Loud, I Gotta Wear Earplugs

  • I've reflected that a good deal of the diversity in the various attempts at historicizing the Jesus of the gospels arises from this, and from the simple need for novelty in published products.

    More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels

  • But in historicizing the disaster, Nesmith also folds in a sense of humility in the face of tragedy.

    Art review: ‘Phil Nesmith: Flow' at Irvine Contemporary & Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery

  • But from our vantage-point now, what is perhaps most remarkable is that the materialist and historicizing impulse with which they are all associated arrived on the scene alongside what has turned out to be perhaps the most notable conflict of the past quarter-century.



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