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  • adj. Related to historiography

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  • Same as historiographic.


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  • But it does mean that in contemporary historiography, the sign of history has become less the real than the intelligible, an intelligibility achieved through the production of historiographical discourse according to narrativist principles, hence always flirting with the “fictive” that is intrinsic to the operation of narrative.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Taking the Washington Post to School

  • The interesting historiographical question is whether the creation of Israel is a late-in-the-day bit of 1919 re-mapping, or more akin to the colonial powers drawing uneasy borders across former conquests.

    Matthew Yglesias » A Back and Forth on Israel

  • The focus on discontinuity is also the result of the current general historiographical tendency that (after and against Braudel and the Annales) privileges, in historical interpretation, "the event," understood as discontinuity and a traumatic transformation.

    A Timely Re-Read on a Critique of a Particular, and Popular, Hermeneutic of Vatican II

  • The standing of the empire is the most contentious historiographical battleground in British public discourse, and Kwasi Kwarteng has tossed a grenade into the struggle with "Ghosts of Empire."

    Now That The Sun Has Set

  • Wrangham's work caught my eye because it's coming at the subject from a straight-up anthropological/biological point of view, without the usual philosophical or historiographical commentary.

    Quote of the Day

  • But the real pleasure of this posthumous effusion is the sheer joy the author evinces in showing off generous measures of tendentiousness and his undoubted historiographical bona fides.

    Cover to Cover

  • Serving these constituencies—the historiographical equivalent of the “identity politics” vogue—may carry a certain moral value, but it does little to advance our understanding of the chaotic events and pivotal decisions that gave rise to the first democracy of the modern era.

    Robert Morris

  • On the historiographical tradition of this episode, see Flory 1988.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • Laiou (1987: 59) sums up the historiographical difficulties encountered in her own research on population movements in the Greek countryside during the Civil War, which revealed, above all else, the unreliability of all available data.

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • Because American casualty estimates for an invasion of the home islands were often cited afterward as justification for the dropping of the bomb, and because some of those retrospective citations were exaggerated, the issue has been a topic of bitter historiographical controversy.

    How Wars end


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