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  • adj. able to be hit; fit to be hit


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hit +‎ -able


  • I think that I threw some balls that were in hittable areas and I was able to get some outs on them.

  • This makes him the personification of the type of pitcher scouts describe as "hittable."

    Yankees' Nova Is the Most Hittable Pitcher in Baseball

  • He has yet to walk anyone through two starts in the Midwest League, but has been hittable, which isn't surprising for a "command" lefty making the jump to A-Ball almost straight out of college.

    Halos Heaven

  • In his worst appearance, Strasburg had 4 Ks. In his most "hittable" game, he only had 4 swinging strikes, but other than those two games, he was much more impressive.

    The Nationals Review

  • The other hitters—particularly Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano—will see more hittable pitches.

    The A-Rod Effect May Be Overrated

  • For Kumar and his ilk, Mohammad Asif and Terry Alderman being two supreme exponents of the art, it's a fine line between mesmerising batsmen with movement, luring them to destruction with the siren song of apparently irresistibly hittable pace, and being cannon fodder if the ball refuses to bend or a batsman throws caution to the wind and links you inextricably for all eternity with a Leeds confectionery stall.

    Praveen Kumar's rare style of swing bowling is as bold as it is old | Rob Bagchi

  • Others, like Copeland and Sammy, rely on little more than remorseless, nagging accuracy and slight variations in pace; it's hard for them to vary much in line or length, because at their pace anything inaccurate is hittable.

    The Rise of the Slower Guy

  • But this wasn't remotely T20ish—he made every ball look hittable, turning risky shots into reasonable gambles.

    A Glimpse of the Australia of Old

  • TKtk Pitcher Chris Young of the New York Mets On the radar gun, it appears dangerously hittable, the kind of mid-80s fastball that lands a pitcher in some far-off, minor-league outpost.

    The Best Optical Illusion in Baseball

  • Mets fans experiencing schadenfreude at Nova should note that the list of hittable pitchers also includes Mike Pelfrey, who throws about as hard as Nova's 91.7 mph average fastball.

    Yankees' Nova Is the Most Hittable Pitcher in Baseball


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