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  • adj. Resembling a beehive


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hive +‎ -like


  • Mr. Alfredson and his cinematographer, Hoyte Van Hoytema he shot "Let the Right One In", make good watchers of us all by seducing us with striking images: trains moving slowly on parallel tracks in a marshaling yard; a baby nursing at its dead mother's breast; an airplane materializing out of nowhere on an isolated airstrip; an archive's hivelike architecture.

    Nervy 'Young Adult' Dazzles by the Book

  • The building is topped by a glass-paned hivelike structure through which guests at the Standard hotel may glimpse the designer doing her yoga postures, like a gawgeous Louise Bourgeois spider.

    She's Mayoress of Tent City!

  • ,Adams has gotten mileage out of other so-called alternative office strategies like Hoteling (spaces are divvied out daily, first come, first served), Shared Space (employees confined like two-to-a-cell prisoners) and Free-Address (workers share large, open, hivelike spaces).

    Working In Dilbert's World

  • Inadvertently, he and his team encounter an alien hivelike race--the Hydra--that is conquering Earth after Earth after Earth.

    Dabel Bros. to Publish Original Dean Koontz Comic - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games

  • Columns of limestone stood in hivelike towers, five and six stories high.


  • Improbable as it may seem, given the breadth and depth of the dot-com collapse, not to mention the emergence of hivelike high-tech centers in places like China and India now available for off-shoring and outsourcing, Silicon Valley is starting to feel like 1995 -- the year Netscape went public -- all over again ...

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • At their chamber in the temporary hivelike structure the humans and their thranx advisors had built to provide comfortable climate-controlled lodgings for thranx visitors to and workers at the fair, the Bwyl had left a small packing case containing an assortment of favorite drinks.

    Diuturnity's Dawn

  • In still others they had been replaced by hivelike buildings, each capable of housing tens of thousands.


  • The Senites might have begun their struggle on this planet in caves, hidden from the original persecutors, and now they refused to leave their hivelike domain.


  • However, from what the specialists have deduced to date, they had a hivelike societal structure? our merge saw eggs in the ship, remember, and we found hundreds in the space debris? at various stages of larval development for different types of beetles.

    The Rowan


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