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  • n. An interest in hobbies.

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  • n. a devotion to hobbies


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  • And on the other, more important point about “book hobbyism,” well, yes and no: at the same time that blogging has “helped prop up the other, worser idea that what we in the humanities do ought to be done for free” it has also opened new and extremely productive discourse communities and even in some cases actively professionalized (in the best sense) what used to be hobbies and private obsessions.

    Academic Blogging « Gerry Canavan

  • We need to get off the activist-hobbyism, enough with the signs on the street corners, and the weekend larks on the Mall, and get to work on uniting America's activists for really the first time.

    Urgent We Unite to Take Back America!

  • The time for messages and activist-hobbyism is over.


  • To confront all, that is, except those few friends of intelligence who know our government's rottenness, who have the integrity to admit the charade of activist-hobbyism, and perhaps who could possessthe golden key to finally a decent solution.

    Rotten Government Reigns, and Like Bad Weather, We Do Nothing About It

  • He gravitated toward the Rocket Mavericks, who were more serious- minded than some of the other tinkerers, and quickly imbued the organization with a vision that transcended hobbyism.

    Pyro Geek Hobbyists Experiment With Homebrew Rockets

  • After four years of protest hobbyism, they went to Chicago with the intention of "refining" their organization, and they are dedicated to the proposition that no action to do SOMETHING THAT MAKES AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE will be permitted to interfere with that or with the perpetuation of their charade of moral superiority.

    Now More Than Ever, The World Needs A Bold U.S. Antiwar Movement

  • Though the country's penchant for order might appear to make it a fine candidate for development of a listing culture, it actually exists, along with other non-English-speaking nations, on the second tier of fanatic avian hobbyism.

    Chapbook entry

  • Then, of course, there's his alleged enthusiasm for home-video hobbyism - plus those 21 counts of child pornography he's dealt with.

    Listal promoted

  • The story of computer networks, BBSs and various other experiments in electro-democracy has so far been one of hobbyism for the most part.


  • Furthermore, given the current situation, the democratic ideas behind academic blogging (of bringing conversations usually restricted to campuses to the wide world of the Internet) has perhaps only helped prop up the other, worser idea that what we in the humanities do ought to be done for free, since it's just book hobbyism if it isn't serious, bare-bones instruction in writing.

    The Kugelmass Episodes


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