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  • n. hiccup
  • n. In medieval music, hocket is the rhythmic linear technique using the alternation of notes, pitches, or chords. A single melody is shared between two (or occasionally more) voices such that alternately one voice sounds while the other rests.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In music: An arbitrary interruption of a voice-part by rests, so as to produce a broken, spasmodic effect, frequently in two voices or groups of voices alternately. A composition in which this effect is frequently employed.


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  • The five instrumentalists who played many different instruments my favorite was the "nun's fiddle," a long, skinny, one-stringed wooden box played with a bow that produced a nasty raspberry of a sound in the course of the evening did so expertly, although the two horns sounded indecisive in the fast give-and-take "hocket" of the Dufay "Gloria," and the whole well-paced production moved smoothly.

    Waverly Consort's medieval sound tests modern-day audiences

  • Without him, the nation would curl up in a fetal position at this point (and then the hocket sticks would come out).

    In Big Speech, Obama Begins Prepping Voters For Challenges Ahead

  • It shares with the late motets a solo introduction, and like most ars nova motets its periodic rhythmic structure is clearly marked by hocket passages.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Its Amen is particularly spectacular and consists of a long melisma with much use of the hocket technique.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Pope John of Avignon issued a decree condemning the Ars Nova in 1324, forbidding a practice that, according to him, had given rise to an excess of virtuosity; the abuse of the hocket technique had made the sung texts incomprehensible and was also very little suited to calm meditation.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • We nearly began to like Lindsay again, that is until she flashed her hot-pink ham-hocket to paparazzi and we became convinced she had alien-genitale.

    The 10 Best 10 Best Lists of 2006, #2: The Top 10 Celebrity Beefs | Best Week Ever

  • The Blackhawks are back, but major-league hocket isn't

    Chicago Reader

  • Actually, there's a weird moment in "Any Colour You Like," after the opening passage on the organ, I was trying to represent the stereo hocket between the two guitars, and I had to do it with mono sound.

    G4 TV - TheFeed

  • I'm not that good at math but that means an astonishing 70\% of Canada couldn't give a damn about the gold medal game, or hocket at all okay.

    The Vancouverite


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