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  • n. Any large caliber handgun, typically with a long barrel.


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From hog +‎ leg.


  • You can strap your hogleg on in a holster and casually walk down Main Street and go in any store.

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  • The 660 is a short light powerful rifle not much harder to carry than a hogleg revolver.

    Some Odds and Ends

  • Wasn't for the iPod and iPhone, they wouldn't be ahead of anybody in anything now, and the competition is just idling along, waiting for Apple to reach for its hogleg.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • You don't figure that a man with a piece on his hip, who is not an LEO of some sort, standing within range of a sitting President, and who develops a sudden urge to scratch himself on the thigh next to his hogleg isn't likely to be pushing up daisies if he does it quickly?

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • “Go on and climb aboard,” said Bauerschmidt, a Pennsylvania Dutchman who packed a “hogleg” pistol that his father had carried in World War I.

    Brotherhood of Heroes

  • Mebbe I'm a leetle mite better 'n him with a hogleg.

    A Man Four-Square

  • (And Indiana doesn't even care if you tip back a few wet ones while you're packing, so long as you don't go ventilating passersby with your hogleg.)


  • \tab He saw reflected in the glass a figure coming down the sidewalk-heavyset, middle-aged, wearing a gun belt almost concealed by belly overflowing it, a holstered hogleg on his right thigh, star on his left breast, otherwise dressed much as Lazarus was dressed.

    Time Enough For Love

  • Don't go off on this crazy idea like a half-cocked hogleg. "

    A Man Four-Square


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