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  • v. Eye dialect spelling of heard, representing mid-20th-century New York City English.


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  • In an age where "customer service" has become synonymous with voice-mail labyrinths and being placed on terminal, muzak-infused "hoid," it was refreshing and encouraging to have a company stand behind its product and simply fix a flaw without any red tape or bellyaching.

    Aspen Times - Top Stories

  • Ven you hoid he would be in town did you write him in adventz?

    Jeff Dorchen: Shibbolethism

  • That was the most interesting call-in thing wot I ever hoid.

    Radio alert.

  • I do not know where it is you hoid we were at all affiliated with this so-called “Mafia crime syndicate …”

    A Real BBQ |

  • Sumbudy musta hoid itz “Nashunl Kitteh Herdn Dai”, and gath- geth- kolectd kittehs fr praktis….

    There seems 2 B - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Doing a club in Brooklyn, it probably was boid and hoid; in Pittsburgh it would be burrd and hurrd; the Giant Eagle supermarket would become Jaunt Iggle.

    The Dark Tower

  • She kept expecting to hear bird come out of his mouth as boid, heard-AS hoid, but she guessed that was only because she'd spent so much time with Eddie.

    The Dark Tower

  • I'd hoid tell it led ter a ol 'graveyard, but I hadn't never been there myself an' hadn't thought much about it till 'long between two an 'three o'clock, as I was a-hikin' up an down, when somepin 'comes a-zizzin' down the road hell-fer-leather on to me, a-yellin 'somepin' fierce.

    Humorous Ghost Stories

  • That there mutt had acted right decent, an 'we knew Ranch would have bats in the belfry fer fair if he hoid tell o' the pup's finish; so says Buck;

    Humorous Ghost Stories

  • Aw seized hoid oth burd an made th 'best o' my way aghtside, an as sooin as aw showed mi face ther wor a reglar yell, an they all squandered to let me pass.

    Yorksher Puddin' A Collection of the Most Popular Dialect Stories from the Pen of John Hartley


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