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  • noun a family of Amerindian languages spoken in California
  • noun a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Hokan languages


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  • The boy stands far aside, and at mention of this he jerks himself into a knot, his head drops down between his shoulders, his mouth puckers up, and he exclaims "Oh, hoka!"

    Shadows of Shasta

  • "If so, my answer to the Japanese government is 'hoka hey' - it's a good day to die." | Top Stories

  • Simba: ichinichi kakemawari Zazu: Motte no hoka desu! - Business News

  • Romanji: koi ga setsunai to sugu soba de kizuita ano yoru datte hoka no dare yori anata no koto wo shitteiru kara itsumo no sarigenai yasashisa sae kono mune wo shimetsuketeku konna ni, konna ni, chikaku de mitsumete mo doushite, doushite, tada no tomodachi na no donna ni, donna ni, tsuyoku omotteitemo tsutaerarenai

    SachinKRaj - The Blog

  • Two females may be pressing vulvas and clitorises together, rapidly rubbing them sideways in a pattern known as genito-genital rubbing (or "hoka-hoka"), and Hohmann wonders: "But does it have anything to do with sex?

    Frans de Waal: Bonobos and Paula Jones

  • As he turned to wave his men back, a hundred “hoka hey’s!” shrilled out upon the cold heavy air, the Sioux surging up out of the earth to smother one flank.


  • The phrase _omoi no hoka_, in the fourth line, means "contrary to expectation;" but it is ingeniously made to suggest also the idea of secret longing.]

    The Romance of the Milky Way And Other Studies & Stories

  • "MY CONDOLENCES!" porfin! lol its really good sprx =] shikamaru's dad: hey, everyone loves naruto. i'm just throwing this out there, but why don't we let him be hoka --

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