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  • v. hold back; keep from being perceived by others
  • v. close in
  • v. lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits


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  • It was only on rare, fortunate occasions that a glinn made arrangements to bring by one of the slight, pale-skinned Bajoran females that the Cardassian command staff seemed to hold in such high regard.


  • Robin faces off against Lord Haverston, who, under ordinary circumstances, I hold in some favor.

    Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer

  • The Statue of Zeus at Olympia was said to hold in his right hand a smaller statue ofWinged Victory: the Greek goddess Nike, a woman with wings coming out of her back, like an angel or the figurehead on the prow of a ship.

    Seven Deadly Wonders

  • A very curious festival which the chapter used to hold in the Middle Ages was the procession of the herrings.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • “You may think women are foolish, Master Haggard, but I recommend you, all the same, to listen to me now, and forget that I am someone you hold in low esteem.”

    To Ruin a Queen

  • Between 1935 and his death in 1959, Wright built more than 150 Usonians, and his idea of living in houses in a countrylike setting, which is, after all, the mainstay of Broadacre City, took hold in the American popular imagination.

    Makeshift Metropolis

  • The result, as you can guess, was Unpretty, the book you now hold in your hands.


  • I lectured night after night, week after week, month after month, in "Chautauquas" in the summer, all over the country in the winter, earning a large income and putting aside at that time the small surplus I still hold in preparation for the "rainy day" every working-woman inwardly fears.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • There have been a number of disturbing signs that gated-community political logic has taken hold in the United States.

    The J Curve

  • Understanding and sharing this amazing process as deeply and as broadly as I could became my most compelling mission in life, culminating in the creation of The Complete Vision Board Kit™ and the little book you now hold in your hands.

    The Vision Board Book


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