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  • n. Texas hold 'em


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  • This extends to texas hold'em as well, although the game is vastly more complicated (and may not hold for no limit).

    Singularity Watch, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Kenny Rogers: You got to know when hold'em and fold'em.

    Clinton touts support from 'white Americans'

  • My advise, hold'em tight, and wear all the sissy pads possible when sighting in at the range.

    Calculating Flinch Factor

  • And there is absolutely nothing efficient about the fact that during the time it's taken me to write these first five paragraphs, 47 new comments have been snagged by my filter, and that I must now manually scan through a list of spam hawking "big black cocks" and "online Texas hold'em" in order to rescue the occasional legitimate comment that gets inadvertently caught in the dragnet.

    David Goldstein: On Milton Friedman, Comment Spam, and the Amorality of the Market

  • In hold'em poker, there are hands you simply don't want to play ever from some positions that might be worth playing aggressively from another position, in dynamic relationship to the size of your own stack of chips versus others on the board.

    January 2008

  • Then, there could be a quest where the bad guys are coming, and he gets injured and can only walk really really slow, so he's like "give me the grenade, i'll hold'em off, you make a run for it!" and he plunks himself down and blows up the oncoming forces as you make it out of the collapsing tunnel just in time.

    Foozles I Have Known, Quests I Have Done

  • The classic example that a lot of people point to in hold'em is that many novice players overestimate the chances of hitting a flush if they hold two suited cards and there are two cards of the same suit on the board.

    The Lifetime to Master

  • "Is position as important in this game as it is in hold'em?"

    In Exile

  • Dungeons and Dragons began working on 3rd edition, Chess matches captivated the world, and Texas hold'em fever began surging.

    A Guide to Board and Card Games Based on Video Games (1971 to 2007)

  • Just wait til it's 2 of them wanting you to hold'em and make'em better...

    Hold Me, Now


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