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  • 'The' hollier-than-thou 'attitude actually IS a form of brainwash.

    Obama touts tax credits

  • If you are a 'hollier-than-thou' dude you do not believe in any other source of data than one that mirrors/supplies your point of view; you disbelief automatically in any information that comes from 'the other side', you are ready to do anything that your beliefs says that are right even if the law disagrees with you ... and the list goes on and on.

    Obama touts tax credits

  • Big John – The problem with 'hollier-than-thou' fellas is that no matter how their talking points are debunked by facts, logic and (usually very bad) results of their theories/beliefs after they are allowed to be put in motion ...

    Obama touts tax credits

  • So unless reality punches them in the face (no I am not advocating that they are dealt with by using violence!!!!), it's very likely that they will stay 'hollier-than-thou' ... todd

    Obama touts tax credits

  • Give us a break. christianity is about repenting mistakes, not being hollier than God

    McDonnell blasted for controversial research paper

  • August 31st, 2009 1: 38 pm ET typical republican "hollier than thou" sexually oriented bigotry.

    McDonnell blasted for controversial research paper

  • I do agree that the outburst last night by the S.C. Congreeman was uncalled for but you people act like you're hollier than thou.

    Borger: Obama was tough and determined

  • It sad to see that people who are suppose to be hollier than thou are blinded by their own personal gains (which is a hillary supporter).

    Obama takes heat from Catholic League over Pfleger

  • At the fear of sounding hollier than though, it is amazing how the very same Hillary supporters who rail day in and day out about Obama not being vetted have failed to do any due-diligence into the man.

    Hillary And Obama Square Off Over Terrorism And Fear

  • To the one saying that China burns a lot of carbon: China is taking now steps to reduce the contamination produced to a more ecological goal, a thing that the USA is renuent to do with all his power and hollier than thou attitude.

    Think Progress » Report: Global Warming Pollution Has Doubled in 28 States Since 1960


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