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  • adj. inward; private


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home +‎ felt


  • If Moore's orientalism is a vehicle or disguise with which to express "homefelt" sentiments on religious tolerance, then what is gained and what is lost in such a cloaking?

    Irish Odalisques and Other Seductive Figures: Thomas Moore

  • That is, Moore's metaphors and images attempt a certain seduction of the readerthey claim to invite the reader to lift the veil covering the stereotyped mysterious East, and simultaneously use the veil to cover Moore's "homefelt" inspiration in writing the tales, his desire for Catholic emancipation.

    Irish Odalisques and Other Seductive Figures: Thomas Moore

  • While Lalla Rookh's orientalism veils this political allegory in much of the narrative poem, in the Preface to Lalla Rookh Moore states overtly that the tales in his narrative come from "that most homefelt of all my inspirations" incidents in the British oppression of the Irish.

    Irish Odalisques and Other Seductive Figures: Thomas Moore

  • THE warmth and protectiveness of the hand are most homefelt to me who have always looked to it for aid and joy.

    The World I Live In

  • These, too, are clearly concerned with the deeper interests and regards of private life; they carry a homefelt energy and pathos, such as argue them to have had a far other origin than in trials of art; they speak of compelled absences from the object that inspired them, and are charged with regrets and confessions, such as could only have sprung from the Poet's own breast:

    Shakespeare His Life Art And Characters

  • What a keen, laughing, hair-brained vein of homefelt truth!

    Charles Lamb

  • If God prosper your domestic ties, piety will give fresh zest to every homefelt joy.

    The Young Maiden

  • The English have given an inexplicable charm to these superstitions, by the manner in which they have associated them with whatever is most homefelt and delightful in nature.

    Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists

  • Week after week glided along in the bland exercise of social duties aided by the more homefelt enjoyments of sweet domestic affections, which gave a living grace to all that was said or done and more intimately knit hearts together, never more to be divided.

    Thaddeus of Warsaw

  • Yet how contradictory it seems that this, one of the most delightful pictures of home and homefelt happiness, should be drawn by a homeless man; that the most amiable picture of domestic virtue and all the endearments of the married state should be drawn by a bachelor, who had been severed from domestic life almost from boyhood; that one of the most tender, touching, and affecting appeals on behalf of female loveliness should have been made by a man whose deficiency in all the graces of person and manner seemed to mark him out for a cynical disparager of the sex.

    The Life of Oliver Goldsmith


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