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  • adv. In a homeless manner; without a home.


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homeless +‎ -ly


  • At its world premiere in Toronto, Dhobi Ghat showed the world that Indian cinema is no longer stuck making homelessly formulaic films and that the industry is growing up and starting to experiment with different characters and narratives.

    Marissa Bronfman: Bollywood Star Aamir Khan Premieres His New Film Dhobi Ghat at TIFF

  • Nothing was ever plain – bizarre seemed tame applied to excessive behaviour, a shame when you think they carried the weight of our homelessly late disposed.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • First off, my hair is unthinkably moussed in 1987, and homelessly unkempt in 2003.

    3/24/03 Brooklyn, NY Some people

  • An ocean Ishmaelite, he wanders forever aimlessly, homelessly; now unheard of for months, now careening his boat on some lonely uninhabited shore, now appearing suddenly to swoop down on some merchant vessel with rattle of musketry, shouting, yells, and a hell of unbridled passions let loose to rend and tear.

    Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates : fiction, fact & fancy concerning the buccaneers & marooners of the Spanish Main

  • Soon their covetousness realised itself in action, for gathering their armed men together, they sprang suddenly upon the land of their neighbours, whom they disarmed previously by professions of friendship and goodwill The Pandavas were conquered and driven into a far country, where they wandered homelessly and yet filled with undying love for the old home of their fathers and with a resolve to regain at the first opportunity their ancestral territory.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 13 — Religion and Philosophy

  • Nothing moved on the cliffs, except some small birds which flittered homelessly among the black and twisted burnt gorse.

    A Poor Man's House

  • Among pseudo-Christian barbarians, as Heine described them, the Olympian deities still wander homelessly, scarce emerging from beneath obscure disguises, and half ashamed of their own divinity.

    Impressions and Comments

  • Nietzsches, wandered homelessly among the hills, while to-day we seek any feeble substitute for the cloister wherein to work at leisure in the free air of Nature, and hear the song of the birds and the plash of the rain at one's feet.

    Impressions and Comments

  • Mixed up with the shadows and illusions are honest, wholesome, every-day people, who have the air of wandering homelessly about among them, without definite direction; and the mists are full of a luminosity which, in spite of them, we know for common-sense and poetry.

    Literature and Life (Complete)

  • He felt that he was almost a criminal, that he had been playing with his emotions and seeking forbidden fruit, wandering homelessly in the world, while Nature himself had been preparing for him a nest where sympathy and happiness awaited him.

    The Precipice


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