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  • adj. Partially homologous (especially as a result of ancestral homology)


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  • See how I have already made pact with other sisters (species of the genera Aegilops, Agropyron, Haynaldia, etc.), resigning myself to the removal of the Ph suppressors of homeologous chromosomes pairing so that, in the hybrids, my precious chromosomes would readily join with those of my partners in meiosis, facilitating genetic interchange.

    Chapter 12

  • In contrast, A. collina-4x and its suspected backcross plants show homeologous gene copies: sequences from the same tetraploid individual plant are placed in both diploid clades.

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  • Genomic and cDNA CAPS analyses indicated that plants representing multiple populations of this young natural allopolyploid have experienced frequent and preferential elimination of homeologous loci.

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  • This variation also supports the idea that various events of sequence changes have occurred in the evolutionary history of wheat homeologous genomes that diverged about 5. 0-6.9 million years ago

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  • To test if TaVRN2 homeologous genes show differential expression patterns, qRT-PCR were performed using specific primers designed to preferentially amplify the A and B copies.

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  • TaVRN2 homeologous genes show differential expression profile

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  • Sox6i and Sox6ii, duplicated copies of Sox6, mapped to homeologous linkage groups 10 and 18 respectively.

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  • allopolyploid : polyploids created by hybridization between different species homeologous chromosomes

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